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Helping to simulate necking in Tensile Test in ABAQUS

Hello everyone...i am just a beginner in using ABAQUS...well i have been trying to simulate uniaxial tensile test through abaqus..i was succesfull in simluating the plastic part in it...but i am not able to figure out how to to introduce necking and ductile fracture in it...i tried to incorporate ductile damage in it but its showing error in it...can any one tell me how to know the value of stress triaxility??...its showing error like  "plastic strain exceeded 50 times the expected value at 49 points"..and so on..can any one help me out??..i am working on ABAQUS 6.6 student edition..



Any one please reply

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First you have to perform a tensile test on a specimen, and draw the displacement - load diagram, then proceed with FE analysis where you can use a power law (after fitting the datas) ( you can see the neck initiation ), when the neck and deformation on your finite element specimen are like those on your experiment ( draw the true strain-true stress experimental and simulations curves  ), you can have the damage by multiplying the stress triaxiality (you can measure on your FE model) and the fracture strain.

With that damage value, you can predict fracture on other FE models with the same stress triaxiality.


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To simulate the tensile behaviour of a dogbone specimen, including damage and failure, you have to use a damage model. There are built-in damage models in Abaqus such as Gurson model and the ductile damage model. However, the model parameters need to be calibrated by experimentation or may be obtained from literature. I suggest you go through the Abaqus manuals where an example of tensile test is given, using Gurson model. 




How to perform the Tensile test in abaqus?Plz send me tutorials if any one have Or send me step procedures.Thank you. 

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