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The Boundrical Conditions On Knee Model

Hello All Dear:

I have a model of the knee with its soft tissue between 2 femur and Tibia Bones, then I want to load 2 boundrical condition

s on it , 1- The 6-DOF's of Tibia and Femur Bones Center of Mass, (x,y,z,R1,R2,R3) time dependent. and 2-The

concentrated  load that is exerted on the cross section of the Tibia Shank (Lower Bone) Time Dependent. Then Dear, Can

anyone Help Me,Please how to Put these 2 kinds of Boundrical Conditions on the Model.

Kind Regards.

Amir Hossein.

Image icon ABAQUS-Femur-Tibia.JPG115.06 KB

Could you please send the ABAQUS files of Femur-Tibia connection on

 Thanks in advanced.

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