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How to select a proper journal to submit your paper?

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Recently, I have written a paper about the relationship between the dragonfly’s microstructure and the load response. It is analyzed by the experiments and FEM. But when I finished the paper, I find that it is difficult to select a proper journal to submit this paper. Although I have seen many papers about this problem, it is not proper for some of them or the others are so high such as Science. So I want to ask a question “how to select a proper journal to submit your paper?” Thank you!


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My answer might not be what you want to hear. In this age, all journals are equally accessible: 1 click away, or maybe 2. If a paper is of any value to others, it will be found and read. On the other hand, each journal will put a distinct label on a paper. For many people, a paper labeled Nature looks more desirable than one labeled JMPS, but the effect of a label makes little difference to the paper and to the author in the long run.

I realize that I have just stated an opinion without documentation. For anecdotal support, see the papers tagged classic. I am curious if anyone can point to a single lasting and substantial paper in our field in Nature, Science, PRL or PNAS. I cannot think of any now. Maybe someone can point to some such papers, but the point is there are not many.

I'd try to use my best judgment to submit a paper to a good journal, but try not to overreach to a journal that will give me needless work. Elsewhere I've alluded to my attitude to these popular journals as a reader. I'd be curious to learn how others feel about such matters.

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Suo, Thank you for your advice. I have learn somthing from the attitude to these popular journals. Recently, I  have submited the paper to the Journal of Biomechanics.

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