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Material selection for vibration damping

Hi everyone,
 I'm searching some solution to absorb vibration. I'm trying to find materials and their properties to compare between them and chose one to design a vibration damper. Their application will be on the base of an avionics enclosure wich is onboard of a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle).

I'm the university, I learned mx''+cx'+kx=0, the free vibration equilibrium equation and all that stuff. But how should I search for a material wich have a good 'c'? Should I search for viscoelastic materials? I eared that ruber or cork are very good vibration absorbers, but how to quantify and compare it?

I would aprecciate some help... thanks in advance
Best regards
Sonia PireX


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Two common mechanisms for material energy dissipation are viscous damping and plastic deformation. However, since you're looking for a vibration damper you should consider viscosity. Rubbers are good candidate damping materials.

The equations governing the response of the material are essentially the same as what you provided but in 3D, and replacing x with a measure of strain and x' with a measure of strain-rate. Many rubbers though have stiffness and damping characteristics that are frequency, amplitude and temperature dependent.

 Nagi Elabbasi

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