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Failure of Small-Scale Structures/ 2010 TMS Annual Meeting- Abstracts July 15th

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Held in Seattle, Wa/ Feb 2010

Dear Colleague:
We would like to let you know of our symposia Failure of Small-Scale Structures at the 2010 TMS Annual Meeting.  This symposia will focus on failures in small scale structures (flexible and semiconductor electronic systems, actuators, resonating cantilever, biological systems, fuel cells, MEMS devices, etc) and will discuss combinations of possible failure mechanisms.  Possible mechanisms could include, but are not limited to: electromigration, diffusion, crack formation and propagation, oxidation, corrosion, fatigue (thermal, corrosion, cyclic), creep, delamination, wear etc. Anticipated topics include: fracture and deformation of small-scale biological systems, nanowires/nanotubes, thin films and film structures, microlectronics, MEMS, micro pillars, etc. .

Invited speakers to include: Markus Buehler (MIT), Bob Keller (NIST), Jianyu Huang (Sandia National Labs), Xiao-Yan Gong (Medical Implant Mechanics), William Nix (Stanford), Daniel Gianola (U. Penn), Julia Greer (Cal Tech), Ahmed-Amine Benzerga(Texax A&M), Mike Dugger (Sandia National Labs), Chung-Souk Han (North Dakota State), Gerhard Dehm (MU-Leoben), Michael Uchic (Air Force Research Labs), and Johann Michler (EMPA).

More information can be found at:

Thank you.
Molly Kennedy, Clemson University
Brad Boyce, Sandia National Laboratories
Reinhold Dauskardt, Stanford University
Zhiwei Shan, Hysitron

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