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Advances in Computational Tire Mechanics - Minisymposium at ECCM IV, Paris 2010

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Advances in Computational Tire Mechanics Minisymposium at ECCM IV, Paris 201016-21 May 2010,
Tires have a long history of inspiring challenging applications of computational mechanics, and this field remains fertile for future advances.  Because the tire is crucial to the safety of automotive systems, and because of its relevance to pavement and vehicle performance, there is much to be gained through investigation of the tire structure and how it interacts with its environment.  The tire problem involves composite materials which show nonlinear time-, damage-, temperature- and load-dependent behaviour.  It involves complex geometry, and contact conditions which demand innovative approaches for dealing with static, transient and steady state rolling.  It involves the solution of multi-field, multi-scaled problems.  More than ever, up to date computational approaches are needed to address these issues realistically and efficiently.   

This minisyposium is being organized in co-operation with The Tire Society, the leading community in the field of tire mechanics, in order to bring together scientists from academia and industry to discuss present and future developments.


Organized in Cooperation with The Tire


  Michael Kaliske
Technische Universität Dresden


Will Mars
Cooper Tire & Rubber Company




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