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Call for Papers - The Tire Society

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Final Call for Papers - 28th Annual Conference & Meeting on Tire Science & Technology

September 15 & 16, 2009, Akron City Centre Hotel, Akron, Ohio, USA

 Full details can be found here.

Note that there is a $500 award for the best student-authored paper.  Details can be found here.

Authors are invited to submit abstracts of papers on topics related to tire materials, mechanics, processing, manufacturing, & applications. The papers are intended for presentation at this year’s conference & publication in the society’s journal. Conference technical sessions are now being planned based on submitted abstracts. The following are example topics:

  • Tire Performance / Tire Mechanics
  • Tire / Vehicle Dynamics
  • Tire Design and Development
  • Rolling Resistance / Traction / Tread Wear
  • Tire Noise
  • Tire Influences on Ride / Harshness
  • Tire Performance on Non-Dry / Deformable Surfaces
  • Techniques for Model and Laboratory Test Validation
  • Tire Test Procedure Development and Application
  • Tire Interaction with Electronic Stability Control
  • Predictive Models
  • Properties of Tire Materials
  • Fracture and Adhesion in Tires
  • Aging and Endurance of Tires
  • Advances in Tire Manufacturing Processes
  • Tire Requirements for Future Vehicles (e.g., fuel cell, hybrid)
  • Applications of Intelligent Tire Technology
  • Examples of Virtual Tire Development
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