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Computational mechanics is greattttttttt :)

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I am Nguyen Vinh Phu, a 26 years old Vietnamese  guy. Graduated from Civil engineering department in Vietnam in 2003, I then attended the EMMC program, a master course taught by Hochiminh university of technology (Vietnam) and University of Liege (Belgium). My master thesis entitled "An object-oriented approach to the extended finite element method with applications to fracture mechanics" where I wrote the XFEM libary named OpenXFEM++ used to solve 2D crack growth simulation without remeshing. Thanks to this work, I got a job to implement XFEM in the commerical finite element code SYSTUS of ESI company, France.

Since I almost  received education in Vietnam, I lack many interesting materials such as tensor calculus, continuum mechanics (so sad !!!), nonlinear finite elements... In France, in free time, I looked for class notes on these topics and found some very useful class notes like ones at MIT, the online version of Prof. Ted Belytschko's book... I taught myself these things and gradually, I understand more and more.

It is a big pleasure for me to have friends with the same interests on solid mechanics, finite elements, object oriented programming... so that I could learn from them.



Phu, I admire your continuous work in computational mechanics. You are a dedicated student, and working with you is always a pleasure, I greatly enjoyed our collaboration on the OpenXFEM++ library:  link to OpenXFEM++

Dr Stephane Bordas

i do the same research in finite element code,maybe we can discuss these interesting topics.

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