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Bergstroem Boyce Model - inelastic part


 I was wondering if anyone has experience in implementing the Bergstroem-Boyce Model (Constitutive modeling of the time-dependent and cyclic loading of elastimers and application to soft biological tissue, 2001)? I am struggling with the implementation of the viscoplastic part (Network B) of the model:

I’m not really sure at the moment how to implement the stress.  I
understand that you can decompose the deformation gradient F into an elastic and
plastic component.  In the stress formulation they use the elastic part  of F (Eq 2)
to get dev(Be*) and Je.  From all these equations I am not sure how to get Fe
and Fp.  I tried to go backward starting with the effective strain rate (Eq 3).
 However, the rate uses the plastic effective stretch, which is based on the
plastic Bp*, which in term comes from Fp… I understand that the effective strain
rate is an important part of these kinds of models.  

Basically the only thing
known at the beginning of the step is F=FA=FB=Fe=Fp=1.  I’ve tried to find
references/books that explain similar procedures, but couldn’t. 

 Is anyone aware of a describtion of the implementation of a this or a similar model?




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This paper might help:

Finite element formulation for modeling nonlinear viscoelastic elastomers

Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering

Volume 197, Issues 51-52, 15 October 2008, Pages 4702-4717 


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Thanks a lot for the input



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Hi Andreas,

There is an implementation presented at ECCMR, 2007 in Paris.

This might help. This implementation is released in the new version of ANSYS also.

I do not now, how to embed *pdf files to the messages, but I can provide you the *pdf file if you write to me.




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