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Ansys - Concrete nonlinear beam


I have to model with the Ansys software a beam in concrete material. It must be non linear.

In materials properties, I can choose Materials models - Structural - nonlinear - inelastic - non metal plasticity - concrete.

I put the Elastic Modulus, the Poisson´ratio, the uniaxial cracking stress and the uniaxial crushing stress. But I don´t know how I can enter the values of the strain at fc (compressive cylinder strength) and the value of the fracture energy.

Can you help me even if you don´t know exactly how to do... some advices can be really welcome.

Thank you.



Send me your E-mail that I send you Severals PDF's and Files that in those concrete has been Modeled . 

regards .


can you send it for me as well.'s picture


Dear friend,

In a part of my thesis,I have to simulate a concrete frame,and I just started to learn ansys software.

Please help me by sending your examples to me,

my Email is :

thanks a lot.


my e-mail id is :

could you (or any one who have the files) please send me the file please??


thanking you



my email id is plz send me the related material so i can model RCC beam in ansys.



Can you send me the files at Will be really helpful as I am writing a thesis. In fact, I would also need a tutorial on modeling an RC frame (with or without infill masonry) in Ansys and OpenSees. Thank you.

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You should really consider OpenSEES, a freely available software system.

If it is suitable for your needs it would likely be easier to use than ANSYS.  It has many material models and can do modeling of concrete beams with reinforcement specified in the cross-section.  It also, can do many different types of nonlinear analysis.  It is however, primarily for beam elements.

You can find informatiion about OpenSEES at the following link


can you send to me the file please.

I'm about to start 2D modeling of a RC member considering its fracture behaviour. I intend to see crack opening in my model. to do this job I have many problems like:

which type of concrete material I should use? is Concrete damaged Plasticity proper for this model or I must use Brittle Cracking?

How can I use Element Removal in my model? is it necessary to use Abaqus Explicit?

I will be really appreciate if enyone helps me.

Would you please send these files to me too:

many thanks.

Dear friend, I'd appreciate if you could send me the files for modeling concrete in ANSYS as well. My e-mail is:

Dear friend, I'd appreciate if you could send me the files for modeling concrete in ANSYS as well. My e-mail is:


Could you please also send me those files?  My email address is

Many thanks. 




Dear friend,

I'd appreciate if you could send me the help files or ansys apdl for modeling reinforced concrete beams in ANSYS.

My e-mail is:

I am trying to model FRP strengthened beam. I am really greatfull to you, if you can send me some reading materials.

Hi all, 

I just started my postgraduate study about EB FRP reinforcement of concrete beams, I will use ANSYS for modelling. I will appreciate if anyone can send me these files:


can you send it for me as well.


Nithesh P 


hi....can u pls forward me the ansys file at my

it wil b a great help as i m doing my thesis on ansys using nonlinear concrete model....



Hi, Could you please send these files to me ?

My e-mail is:

Thanks a lot

hi, would you please send these PDFs for me

my e-mail is :


Dear all

I am interested in using beam element in abaqus and define the stress
resultant- displacement nonlinear curve ( Axial-displacement,
Moment-curvature, torque-twist angle), could you please guid me , how i
can define these curves for beam behaviour?

It's my e-mail adress:

Your reply would appreciated in advance.


Deal All,

Could You Plz send me the pdfs files..My e-mail adress:

Thanks alot


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