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Xi Chen won the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers

Xi Chen's pictureXi Chen, of Columbia University, won the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE).  Established in 1996, the Award honors the most promising researchers in the Nation within their fields.  The Award is the highest honor bestowed by the United States Government on scientists and engineers beginning their independent career. The 67 awardees met President George W. Bush in the White House on 19 December 2008. 

Xi Chen's award was made "in recognition for his outstanding research involving mismatch damages in thin-films and nano-scale self-assembly; and for his elaborate education and outreach activities, including summer programs for underrepresented high school students." He was nominated by NSF .

Congratulations, Xi Chen!


Xuanhe Zhao's picture

Congratulations, Xi!

Ling Liu's picture

It is professor Chen who inspires and guides us in exploring the excitement and wonder of mechanics. All members in our group have been learning quite a lot from him and feeling so lucky to have the chance to work with him. 


Baoxing Xu's picture

It is a great honor to receive this distinguished award, especially nominated by NSF.
You shape a role model for everyone of us. Great Congratulations!

Ying Li's picture

Congratulations! It is a good news for all of us.

Ying Li Department of Engineering Mechanics Tsinghua University Beijing, 100084, P. R. CHINA

zishun liu's picture

Dear Xi, Congratulations! Great honor and achievement

It's a recognition for the great efforts and achievements in the area of micro- and nanomechanics. Congratulations!

Gang Feng's picture

It is such great news!

Good news for all the mechanicians. 


Jie. Yin's picture

It is a good news and big encouragement for mechanicians especially in solid mechanics.

I feel so lucky to work in Prof. Chen's productive and active group and benefit a lot from him in doing research.  


bonniesuncn's picture

Great achievement! Big congratulations!

Congratulations, Xi Chen

its an honor to china to have a smart & clever  person like you ...

Congratulations, Xi Chen


                                                                                              EL-AHMAR KADI

  Congradulations on recieving such an honorable laurel. It's a huge recognition of the research work of our mechanics people.

  Best wishes and Merry Christmas!

Li Han's picture

A timely X'mas gift! Congratualtion. 

Li Han

Xi Chen's picture

Dear friends,

Thank you very much. I feel humbled and honored. It would not be possible for me to achieve this without your effort and support. I sincerely thank all my group members, collaborators, and friends. 


Lianhua Ma's picture

It is a great honor!


Merry Christmas and enjoy the honor with your group members!

Congratulations to Chen! Good luck in your further research!

Xi Wang's picture

Best wishes for your future success.

Heartfelt congratulations to Prof.Xi Chen!

Heartfelt congratulations to Prof. Xi Chen!

L. Roy Xu's picture


 Hope in the future, you'll be an NSF  nominee for the "national medal of science/technology"


Wenbin Yu's picture

Dear Xi,

Please accept my late yet heartfelt congratulations! It is a great and well deserved honor. 



Yanfei Gao's picture

I second Roy's comment. That will come soon.

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