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Ph.D. on Aircraft Alloys

Linkage Project under Grant from Australian Research Committee (ARC)

Topic: Structure and Properties of Aircraft Alloys Subjected to Equal Channel Angular Processing

 Industrial Partner: The Boeing Corp. Phantom Works, St Louis, USA 

Supervisor: Dr Peter Thomson, Department of Materials Engineering, Monash University 

and Applications: Dr Peter Thomson, Department of Materials
Engineering, Monash University, Wellington Road, Clayton, Victoria
3800, Australia. (Tel: + 61 3 9905 4914. Fax: + 61 3 9905 4940. Email:


To study the effects of severe plastic deformation by Equal Channel
Angular Processing (ECAP) on crystallographic anisotropy and the
resulting relationships between microstructure and properties.



Perform ECAP of aluminium alloys based on the Al-Mg system. These may
include commercially-available 5xxx alloys and/or alloys with other
additions. The purpose is to delineate the effects of solid solution
hardening and its effects on the stabilisation of substructure, with
particular emphasis on the influence on properties.

2. Evaluate
microstructure, mechanical properties (static, fatigue, fracture) and
corrosion properties of materials processed by ECAP with specific
emphasis on the metallurgical understanding of the mechanisms of
development of microstructure and texture and the influence on

3. Evaluate microstructure, mechanical properties and
corrosion properties of friction- welded joints in the above materials,
particularly  the stability and restoration mechanisms during
joining and post-joining treatments.

Stipend; Currently A$31,140
p.a. - for three years, including a supplement of  $6,000 p.a.)
with a  possibility of renewal for a further three years as

A thesis allowance is provided, and removal expenses  may be payable.

First Class or high IIA degree in materials engineering, materials
science, or physics. Graduates in other engineering or science
disciplines with a strong interest in the structure and
processing  of materials may also be considered.

Applicants must be citizens or Permanent Residents of Australia or citizens of New Zealand.

Closing Date for applications: 19 December, 2008.


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