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Textbook recommendation

For students with some mechanics and math background, and some interest in biological problems, I would like to recommend Y.C. Fung's "A First Course in Contiuum Mechanics".   This test does a good job of explaining the concepts with both words and mathematical statements.   The derivations are not detailed in this book, and you must refer to other texts for more details.  Reviews on this book are mixed, with some people feeling like more detail should be provided, and others thinking it is short, to the point, and well written.  I am of the latter opinion.  With the many thick tomes of detail available on the subject, this text, at a little over 200 pages gives the necessary details and references at each step.  The chapters of the book are 

  1.  Introduction
  2. Vector and Tensor Calc
  3. Stress
  4. Principal Stress and Principal Axes
  5. Deformation Analysis
  6. Velocity Fields and Compatibility Equations
  7. Constitutive Equations
  8. Isotropy
  9. Mechanical Properties of Real Fluids and Solids
  10. Derivation of Field Equations
  11. Field Equations and BC's in Fluids Mechanics
  12. Simple Elasticity Problems
  13. Stress, Strain and Active Remodeling of Structures
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