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ES 246 projects

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Each student creates a project that addresses a phenomenon or issue in plasticity theory, and presents it in class after the winter break. The scope of the projects is very wide: experimental, computational, or a critical discussion of one or more papers. The project contributes 30% of the grade, distributed as follows:

  • 5%: November 30 Thursday. Post your project proposal in iMechanica.
  1. Title. ES 246 project: e.g. Plastic buckling of plates.
  2. Tags. Use the following tags: ES 246, plasticity, Fall 2006, project
  3. Body. (i) Describe the project. (ii) Cite at least 1 journal article.
  • 5%: December 7 Thursday. Post a comment to critique the project proposal of at least 1 classmate. Try to make constructive suggestions. Cite at least 1 additional journal article.
  • 15%: January 11 Thursday. (2:30-4:00 pm). 20 minute project presentation. Use power point slides.
  • 5%: January 16 Tuesday Upload a power point file of your presentation. Please upload to the same blog entry as your project proposal.
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