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Self Introduction -- Zhiyan Wei

Prior Courses in Solid Mechanics:

Elasticity, Strength of Material, Plasticity, Theoretical Mechanics, Advanced Solid Mechanics, Computational Mechanics

Undergraduate Major:

Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

Strength Related to This Course:

I have already known some basic theories in elasticity and plasticity, so I guess it might be a little easier for me to understand the theoretical part taught in this course.

Weakness Related to This Course:

In previous study, I always overemphasized the mathematical skills to solve a problem and neglected some deep thinking about the physical meaning. The corresponding result is that I can solve a certain number of easy elastic problems, but I dont have a very clear physical view before I solve them.... Some people have a strong physical intuition and can guess the result even before they solve the problem. I guess they can see through the physical meaning, which I cannot...

Another weakness: I know little about finite element simulation, although I took some courses in this field before. Since I didn't try to solve a practical problem using finite element method, I cannot say I really understand it....

Research Group:

I am currently in Prof. Mahadevan's group. See web page

Likely Research Direction:

To explore the connectivity between the micro-structure and macro-mechanical behavior of amophorous solids.

Benifits of Learning This Course:

To my research:

Either to understand the nature of mechnical behavior or to make a prediction for mechnical behavior in engineering problems requires me to master some basic tools and principles in this field. This course provides me with a good opportunity to learn basic concepts, general ways to deal with a problem in solid mechanics.

To my education:

I don't want to restrict myself in the area of solid mechanics. My ambisious goal is to understand the general mechanical behavior in nature. Maybe in the end, I won't be an expert in any area, but it is always happy to understand more. Taking solid mechanics is an important and happy start for my future exploration. Prof. Suo definitely brings an impact to my congition to solid mechanics.... I find my opinions about solid mechnics is completely outdated....


Your comment and deep thinking make me remember the lecture
of Prof. Lu Tianjian.

He gave us a lecture about the development of Mechanics in
the Interdisciplinary Studies a month ago.  He encouraged us that we should
have the aspiration to make the Mechanics play a leading role in the
development of science and technology rather than do a assistant and just
analyze the mechanical behavior and property of some material.

 You said about the  connectivity between the
micro-structure and macro-mechanical behavior of amophorous solids. I wonder we
can find the strict relation between the Macro-behavior and the
micro-structure. Recently, I did some simulation work about the Plastic instabilities
and it is a terrible experience. Most of the models can not give a exact depict of
the serrated flow in the plastic deformation. We can not find the relation of
some variables and parameters with the microstructure, but just to make the
simulation resemble with the results of experiments. To some extent, the
simulation results depend on the God.

Days ago, I post  a question about the change of
the alloy's microstructure at a low temperature. But there is no reply. If you
have some ideas or reference, please contact with me. Thank You!

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