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Using User Subroutine UMAT in abaqus


Iam a new user of abaqus. I have a subroutine written in *.for format. I also have an input file *.inp . Both these programs are in the same folder. When I try to execute the *.inp file using the command

abaqus job=jobname datacheck interactive

I get a  message saying  "Abaqus/Standard Analysis exited with an error. please see the message file for possible error messages". I looked in the message file and it says ***ERROR: USER SUBROUTINE UMAT IS MISSING.

Then I used the command

abaqus job=jobname user=umat.for

nothing happens and I am out of the command loop.

Can somebody please help me to understand how things work in abaqus?

Lots of thanks in advance.



First, you can check your Windows task manager if there is a running 'standard.exe'. If yes, your calculation is actually running. :P

Or, next time you can type in the commond line 'abaqus job=jobname user=umat.for

If you're running on a UNIX/LINUX workstation (and/or depending on your FORTRAN compiler), you many need to rename your *.for file to *.f 

 Assuming that works, have you tried removing the extension (.for) in the user command? For example:

'abaqus job=jobname user=umat -interactive' 

I get the same problem,could you tell me how did you deal with it at last,thanks in advance!

the error is:



what does it mean??? 

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You need to make sure of two things.  One is that your subroutine file is in your search path and is named whatever you set user= .  Additionally, you need to have the subroutine named UMAT in that file. If those two conditions are met and you are still having problems, you may be having compile problems.

 Matt Lewis
Los Alamos, New Mexico

<p>I got the same error. I think this error can be resolved by changing the boundary condition(Displacement/rotation) from User-defined to uniform</p>

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