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Imechanica web has a bug in counting number of reads!!!

Number of reads increases significantly sometimes i check the posts! I use Firefox 6.0, Dell inspiron 1720, Windows Vista and also Fedora 9.0 Linux!!!. check it please!

 it is better to use number of comments for popular contents instead of number of reads.




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It might help if you can describe the problem in more detail.  I don't understand this problem myself and am forwarding your post to Lesley Lam, user Number 1 of iMechanica.

Using all caps in posts is considered bad netiquette

See also 


" Another rule is to avoid typing in ALL CAPS, which is considered shouting or yelling".

-- Biswajit 

I think some thing has done in this regard!. but many users from same university may be have same IP!

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