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Cubic symmetry

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Hi all!!!

Could anybody please give some examples of materials possessing cubic symmetry (these materials need three independent elastic material properties).

Thanking you,

- R. Chennamsetti 


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In the book, Thin Film Materials, by Ben Freund and Subra Suresh, there is a table of elastic constants for cubic crystals, including face-centered cubic (e.g., Ag, Au, Cu), body-centered cubic (W, Ta, Cr), diamond cubic (C, Si, Ge), and compounds (GaAs, InP, and NaCl). They all have three independent elastic constants. 


You can find a few more in

Atomic and Electronic Structure of Solids
By Efthimios Kaxiras.

See here .

elastic const cubic crystals

-- Biswajit 

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thank you.

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Dear Biswajitji,

Thank you!!! 

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