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I am so tired

Maybe I make some mistakes or a  bug in the website .

whenpress "post comment "buttom ,My comments were lost many time ,

And there only leave "I am a student of USTC.I am research in Biosensor base Microcantilver ." And these word I have deleted  a few hours ago .

I am so tired ,because this is my first time to post comment and I have not finished it several times .

Thank Prof Suo ,who invited my join it ,the iMechanica was best scientific community that I have seen .


Zhigang Suo's picture

Some users seem to have problem to post comments when they use Internet Explorer.  The problem disappears when they use Firefox.  Read more.

Though it was a excellent browser.I did not like the Firefox as because it's company was a billsticker for the firefox browser that disturbed me in searching in the website.
This time I use the Safari from the Apple.


The Maxthon ,chinese word was called "aoyou" browser ,can not wok well when we posted comment.


 I have  tested the the Safari from the Apple ,It can work well in the same condition


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I always use the GreenBrowser as the IE. It works well that I do not found the problem in posting the comments. You could try it.

Ying Li Department of Engineering Mechanics Tsinghua University Beijing, 100084, P. R. CHINA

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