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How to do sound transmission in solid in Abaqus?

Hello all. I am a phd student from UNB. Now I want to use Abaqus to simulate acoustic problem which is sound transmission from fluid such as air to solid. The outputs I want to get are acoustic pressure in fluid and solid, especially inside solid. What I did before is treating solid as fluid by using acoustic medium. However, the mechanics of solids are fundamentally different from fluids, and its not sensible to treat them the same. For example solids support shear, while fluids do not. Hope someone could answer my question. Thanks a lot.


We have conducted such studies with ABAQUS and this is documented in

J. Park, T. Siegmund, L. Mongeau, “Sound
transmission through elastomeric bulb seals,” Journal of Sound and Vibration,
259 (2003) 299-322.



Thanks very much

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