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The Fourth Biot Conference on Poromechanics

The Fourth Biot Conference on Poromechanics will be held from June 8 to 10, 2009, at Columbia University, New York City. The conference web site is located at:

We are now calling for abstracts. Please send the one-page abstracts by e-mail to (deadline: May 31, 2008).

Examples of Technical Sessions:
-Numerical Simulation of Crystal Growth (Koichi Kakimoto)
-Multiscale and Stochastic Modeling of Porous Media (X. Frank Xu)
-Strain Localization in Saturated and Partially Saturated Porous Media
under Dynamic Loading (Majid T. Manzari)
-Poroelastic Mechanics of Bone Tissue (Stephen C. Cowin)
-Numerical Investigation of Coupled Problems in Continuum Biomechanics
(Wolfgang Ehlers)
-Nanoporous Metals (Jeffrey W. Kysar)
-Poromechanical modeling of CO2 sequestration (Giuseppe Gambolati)
-Unsaturated Geomaterials (Ning Lu)
-Micro-Mechanics of Granular Porous Media (Mourad Zeghal)
-Thermodynamics and Information Theory (Shu-Kun Lin, MDPI, Switzerland)
-Second Frank L. DiMaggio Symposium (sessions on constitutive modeling of
-Poromechanics Education (Graduate Course development, etc.)



1. Prof. Zdenek P. Bazant (Northwestern University)
Modeling of Creep and Hygrothermal Deformations of Concrete:  -
Intriguing Consequences of Nano-Porosity

2. Prof. James R. Rice (Harvard University)
Some Fluid-Solid Interactions in Earthquake and Glacier Dynamics

3. Prof. Fumio Tatsuoka (Tokyo University of Science, Japan)
Rate Effects on Elastic and Inelastic Stress-Strain Behaviours of
Geomaterials Observed in Experiments

1. Prof. Zhigang Suo (Harvard University): Large Deformation and
Instability in Swelling Polymeric Gels

2. Prof. Franz-Josef Ulm (MIT): The Nanogranular Nature of Hydrated
Porous Materials: Concrete, Shale and Bone

3. Prof. Jerry M. Harris (Stanford University): Differential
Acoustic Resonance Spectroscopy

4. Prof. Shaul Sorek (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel):
Shock Wave Through Deformable Saturated Porous Media

5. Prof. Ronaldo I. Borja (Stanford University): A Framework for
Coupled Solid-Deformation/Fluid-Diffusion Analysis of Variably
Saturated Slopes

6. Prof. Stephen C. Cowin (City College of the City University of
New York): Poroelastic Models of Bone Tissue

1. Poroelastic Mechanics of Bone Tissue and Measurements (Prof.
Stephen C. Cowin)

2. Numerical Investigation of Coupled Problems in Continuum
Biomechanics (Prof. Jacques M. Huyghe)

3. Poromechanical Modeling of CO2 Sequestration (Prof. Giuseppe

4. Multiphase Fluid Flow in Deformable Porous Media (Prof. Marte

5. Unsaturated Geomaterials (Prof. Ning Lu)

6. Micro-Mechanics of Granular Porous Media (Prof. Mourad Zeghal)

7. Multi-Scale and Stochastic Modeling of Porous Media (Prof. X.
Frank Xu)

8. Multi-Scale Characterization of Pavement Materials (Prof. Huiming

9. Thermodynamics and Information Theory (Dr. Shu-Kun Lin)

10. Nonlinear Effects, Shock Waves, and Fractures in Acoustics of

11. Porous and Permeable Media (Dr. James G. Berryman)

12. Biot Equation in Seismic Wave Propagation (Dr. Pratap Sahay)

13. Nano-Indentation Material Characterization in Poromechanics
(Prof. Christopher Bobko)

14. Analytical and Computational Solutions to Problems in
Poromechanics (Prof. Kanthasamy Muraleetharan, Prof. Younane N.
Abousleiman, Dr. Russell T. Ewy)

The Second Frank L. DiMaggio Symposium

15. Constitutive Models (Prof. Victor Kaliakin, Dr. Ashraf

16. Strain Localization in Saturated and Partially Saturated Porous
Media under Dynamic Loading (Prof. Majid T. Manzari)

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