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Web journals threaten peer-review system

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The peer review system has been the established way to select publicated research for decades. However, this way of publishing may come to an end.

New developments in this field embrace the idea that research should not be restricted by the iron grip of the journals. The value of the authors work is debated in cyberspace, leading to a number of consequences. Disadvantages include the possibility of a deluge of junk science due to the unfiltered publishing and online abuse concerning unfairly ridiculing rival's work. On the other side scientific discovery could be accelerated and online critiques may help detect mistakes or fraud more quickly.

Already the first initiatives are present, Philica, PLoS (Public Library of Science). Online journals are not boomingly popular, as they have attracted little attention so far. However, possibilities regarding reaching a broad audience in a fast way seem promising...

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Despite all the reasons I gave to persude you to post original ideas in iMechanica, I strongly believe that peer-reviewed journals will be critically important to our field. Comments from various people on a post by Pradeep Sharma also showed how much the community values peer reviewed journals.

We'll just have to be creative and sensible to find ways to take the best of the both worlds. If any of you have thoughts on how iMechanica can help you better serve your needs, please leave your comments.

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