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Modeling Viscoelasticity in Ansys

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Hello all,


   I have some stress relaxation data in the form of Stress vs. Time curves for different temperatures. I am planning on using a Prony series in Ansys to do this. Can anyone help with this? Any tips/tricks/references?


T hanks


Hey sounds good... i have done material modeling for Viscoelastics i.e.., extraction of constants for MAXWELL TB  in ANSYS..,

If u want to use a prony series in ANSYS.. u have to find WLF constants for  u r Viscoelastic material.. and u have know poissons ratio or u can assume it and evalate shear modulus decay and depending on application choose wheather bul modulus has to reduce or not.., 


I have got data for creep and stress (time temperature superposition) relaxation performed experimentally, and interested to do  modeling  using ANSYS. but, when I tried to work that on ANSYS, I faced sorts of confusion in definining some input parameters say for example: in maxwell model (C1,C2,C3,C4,...). can any body make it more clearer how to do modeling in ANSYS.

Many regards


 Hi  Every one

Its been very difficult to under stant the input requirements of Viscoelastic simulation in ANSYS

.., But one who wants to build material Modeling for Viscoelastic Model in ANSYS.., he/she

should read and Under stantd MAXWELL Table constants and Parameters..involved and which is

easily got by ANSYS help menu..,

and one have to input WLF constants and relaxation times in MAXWELL model..,

after that only we can have Viscoelastic  simulation in ANSYS


After reading the ANSYS help menu please put u r coments ..,

so that i can help u out.. for ANSYS material Modeling..,



I have read help menu in ANSYS, but I confused with input in maxwell table.

How much Maxwell element used? How to input about parameter maxwell element like decay volume,etc??, Input data only on maxwell table or Prony so must be input? This is to input viscoelastic properties of polymer with Modulus elasticity 1 Gpa, poisson ratio 0.4 , relaxation time constant 0.862 s, Thanx Before for All with your comment.

Best Regard



For using Maxwell element table in Ansys one should go through ansys help menu in which it has been described clearly with each cells description.and Relaxation time for inputing into maxwell table is very much depends on your experimental data curve. and with a good curve fit for experimetanl curve with prony equation one can easily evaluate the constants requiered for Maxwell table. and choosing number of relaxation time depends on smoothness of curve fit of experimental data 



Hi Chidanand,

I have seen many post of yours in imechanica and wanted some help from you regarding viscoelastic modeling in ANSYS. I wanted to know if I have the regular material properties of a material and its stress-strain curve, is it possible for me to find out the viscoelastic constants using ANSYS?? 



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