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Mechanism to increase energy efficiency

As shown in figure two pulleys can rotate about their axis. Stationary
plate is simply supported on these two pulleys. Now the weight of
stationary plate applied on each pulley in vertical downward direction
is Mg/2. This Mg/2 will divided in two parts. One is tangential and
second is towards the center. Tangential part will help to rotate
pulleys and toward the center part will generate the friction.

Force is stationary and it can help to rotate pulleys at some angle.

Uses and Advantages:

  1. It will decrease manufacturing cost.

  2. It will decrease electricity Bill.

  3. It will help to reduce green house effect.

  4. It provides clean energy.

  5. It is cheap and available at every place.

  6. It can use for both linear as well as for circular motion also.

  7. It will improve quality of people’s life by giving clean and cheap energy.

  8. It will help to reduce carbon dioxide in environment. 

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Hi Jigar,

Thanks for sharing your idea. I admit I do not understand exactly what you're getting at. Your figure is hard for me to understand and I do not feel you've really explained for me exactly how this machine generates energy. Perhaps you could compare this to a traditional energy-generation machine?




Ok I give you one simple example. You know Cam. It is generally used to open and close valve of IC Engine. Search on Offset Cam. In offset can the pointer is not towards the center.. Ok you search on offset cam. You will know what it offset cam. Now I do only one thing I dont change diameter of off set cam. You can understand by viewing my figure. So force by pointer (Stationary plate ) applied on cam ( without change of diameter, this is special cam.) You rotate that cam in any direction. The force applied by pointer (stationary plate) is same and constant. Now if you rotate cam (without change in diameter) in opposite direction, force applied by pointer against to its motion, so you have to applied more force to rotate because you have to overcome the force applied by pointer. But If you rotate cam in nearly same direction than it will help to rotate. who help (Stationary force applied by stationary plate or stationary pointer). Whom help ( Cam without change in diameter means pully.) Till you have confugen than also I dont mind. I really want to learn english.  So if I continue explaining something to you. It will give only benefit me. Lets see you understand or not.  This is test of my english.

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