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Fully funded PhD/Postdoc positions in mechanics of soft materials and soft materials for health at Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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The Jiawei Yang lab in the Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute has two fully funded PhD/Postdoc positions, starting in Fall 2024 or on a mutually agreed date. We aim to build an interdisciplinary research team, focusing on the Multiscale Engineering of Soft Material Systems, and developing high-performance, bio-integrated, and bio-interfacing soft material systems for health. We also have a broad collaboration network throughout the Boston area, including Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), and Northeastern University.  


Position details.

The positions focus on the following two research directions:

1.     Mechanics of soft materials. The candidate will work on the fundamental understanding of nonlinear mechanics, adhesion, fracture, and fatigue of soft materials and structures, and use the understanding to develop soft materials of exceptional properties.                  

2.     Soft materials for health. The candidate will develop soft material systems to interface with biological systems. Topics are included but not limited to tissue mimicry and integration, implantation, and drug delivery.

Qualification and how to apply.

We welcome motivated students/postdocs with degrees from relevant disciplines such as mechanical engineering, materials science, polymer science, and biomedical engineering to join our lab. Graduate candidates should hold bachelor’s or master’s degrees and postdoc candidates should hold PhD degrees. Postdoc candidates should additionally demonstrate a strong track record of research experience and publications. Interested candidates are encouraged to send the following documents to


·     CV (including research expertise and experience)

·       Transcript

·        Names of recommendation letters

We also welcome visiting students, scholars, and exchange students to join our team. Please send your intent of interest to the above email to discuss options.


About Dr. Jiawei Yang.

Jiawei Yang will join the Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering at WPI in January 2024. He is currently a research fellow at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Boston Children’s Hospital. He received his M.S. and Ph.D. in Engineering Sciences from Harvard University with Prof. Zhigang Suo. His research focuses on soft material systems, including design, engineering, mechanics, and biotechnology. To learn more about his research, please refer to


About WPI.

WPI, founded in 1865 and located one hour west of Boston, is one of the nation's oldest technological universities and is a highly selective private university. U.S. News ranks WPI between #59 - #82 in best national universities in recent 5 years. The internship program at WPI enhances students’ professional development and career readiness. WPI is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive campus community for faculty, staff, and students, where all community members feel a connected sense of belonging. Worcester is the second largest city in New England, an agreeable city to live and work. Worcester is a thriving 21st-century college city and is recognized as a growing hub of scientific and technological innovation.

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