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12-21 Instabilities in Solids and Structures symposium at IMECE 2023

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Dear colleagues,

We, the AMD IiSS Technical Committee organizers, are pleased to continue our long-standing tradition of arranging a symposium on "Instabilities in Solids and Structures" at the annual ASME-International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition (IMECE).  The Congress this year will be held in New Orleans, LA during the period of October 29-November 2, 2023

The "Presentation Only" abstract submission deadline this year is June 23, 2023.
Please upload your abstract at your earliest convenience; the symposium is listed as topic "12-21 Instabilities in Solids and Structures".

Description: Instabilities are critical features in many of today’s materials and structures, thus it is important to identify and understand the types and behavior of instabilities that can occur in a given application area. In recent years, several works have focused on harnessing controlled instabilities in order to design materials and structures with superior properties and/or multi-functionality. This symposium aims to bring together researchers interested in instability phenomena, from a broad variety of application areas within the context of solids and structures, in order to exchange knowledge and ideas on theory, modeling, and experimentation in this vital and timely area of investigation.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
•    Structural instabilities
•    Instabilities and failure in composite materials
•    Theoretical developments and computational algorithms in bifurcation and stability analysis
•    Instabilities in architected materials
•    Localization and failure in nano- and micro-structured solids
•    Surface instabilities
•    Instabilities in soft matter and active materials

Organizing Committee
Ryan Elliott, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Tal Cohen, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Kostas Danas, Ecole Polytechnique
Stavros Gaitanaros, Johns Hopkins University
Francisco Lopez Jimenez, University of Colorado Boulder
Dai Okumura, Nagoya University

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