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What is a sustainable hamlet ?

A sustainable hamlet is a group of houses whose specifications meet today's environmental challenges in terms of water, energy and waste management. These houses are in harmony with the surrounding landscape (or environment). They can be partially self-built and include a common space. This space is open, creating a new social space. These houses or apartments are fitted out and restored by a few craftsmen who renovate apartments in Perpignan for example or for devis rénovation à Montpellier .


This original solution of housing in rural areas can interest busy families, their children being less alone, or also retired people as a solution to isolation, by privileging the social and age mix. The functioning of these hamlets favors mutual aid and inter-generational solidarity.

The sustainable hamlet is a solution for municipalities seeking to welcome new populations, to house their children and/or their elderly. The sustainable hamlet is a place of social link and meeting between different populations, so much in demand today.

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