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Orthogonal Metal Cutting simulation using ABAQUS

I am pursuing masters and I have chosen the orthogonal cutting
simulation as my project.
We have done the experimentation work and now I am looking for the FEA
simulation of the same operation. (The parameters I am interested in
are Chip Morphology, Cutting Forces & Residual stresses in the

I am just going to use explicit first time and I am looking for some
reference doc. & input file.

Any help in this regard would be highly appreciated.

Thanks a lot.
Have a great day ahead.
Warm regards,

hello dear Friend,

Now, I am at the same platform, I also need the same as u wrote. If you come to know about any help, please let me too know about it. u may also use my e-mail:

with regards



  • O. Pantalé, J. L. Bacaria
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    3D numerical models of metal cutting with damage effects.
    Computers Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 193(39-41)
    :4383-4399, 2004.

  • J. L. Bacaria, O. Dalverny,
    O. Pantalé and R. Rakotomalala. Transient
    Numerical models of metal cutting using the Johnson-Cook’s
    Rupture Criterion.
    International Journal of Forming
    Processes, 5(1) :53-70, 2002.

  • O. Pantalé, R.
    Rakotomalala, and M. Touratier. An ALE three-dimensional
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    International Journal of Forming Processes, 1(3) :371-388, 09 1998.

  • P. Joyot, R. Rakotomalala, O. Pantalé, M. Touratier,
    and N. Hakem. A numerical simulation of steady state
    metal cutting.
    Proceedings in Inst. Journal for
    Mechanical Engineers, 212 (part C) :331-341, 1998.


Dr Olivier PANTALE

Assistant Professor
G2TR - LGP - ENI Tarbes

47, avenue Azereix - BP 1629
F-65016 Tarbes Cedex

Dear Professor Pantalé,

I am a student at the Budapest Univ. of Technology and Economics. I am studying the hard turning process in the frame of a subject called Manufacturing processes at the university. I got this task a few weeks ago. My teacher told me to simulate the process in Abaqus, but he has no experience in the plastic simulations. I set up an initial model, but there are some problems with the mesh creation. I would be very greatful if you could help in usig the ALE adaptive meshing.I cannot establish a correct mesh.

The details of my project:

-simulation of orthogonal hard cutting

-Johnson-Cook plasticity + damage

-coupled temperature-displacement analysis

-deformable tool (CBN)

As I saw, this model would be very similar to the models in your articles, but I am already completely confused in the applying of the ALE technique.

 How can I set up an ALE mesh domain after I created a new, explicit step? How can I define the mesh domain in CAE?

Could you help me to setup a working model?

I am very new in Abaqus and I do not understand the soul of this system yet.

 Thanks for your answer also in advance.


Best regards,


Balázs Zsolt Farkas



 Hi Dr Pantale, Could you please give suggestion considering my simualtion described below. Thanks in advance.

I simulated 2D cutting in Abaqus/Explicit. it works well. I like to use ALE adaptive meshing to improve my simulation. when I applied ALE meshing to model, It takes too much time and never accomplished and aborted.Size of file.odb is 460 MB without ALE mesh, 30 GB with ALE mesh althougt it is aborted after very small advances around 25 micron, I also wonder why is that.ALE parameters which employed to model:

Remeshing Sweep per increement=5
initial remeshing sweep=5
ALE adaptive mesh constraint=follow underlying material (workiece all elements)

Meshing and Smoothing:
Priority=Improved aspect ratio
Meshing predictor=current deformation Position
curvature refinement=2
Advection=second order, element center projection

Can anyone suggest the ALE parameters are applicable to 2D cutting simulation?

2- the other question is;

I set the field output request= every time increment, because ALE meshing make decision for each increemnt.

When I set field output request= evenly spaced time interval;20, simulation could work and accomplished but ALE meshing does not work.

What should I set field output request frequency?, for simulation with ALE meshinng.


Tahsin T. Opoz University of Huddersfield UK

walchand college , sangli

I am a final year M.Tech student in mechanical engineering. I am trying to do a
project in simulation of turning operation using abaqus. The problem i am
facing is that the chip is not getting separated. could you please help me in
this regard. Any input file in this regard will be helpful. I will be grateful
to you for the help. Awaiting your reply at the earliest.

thanking  you,
Yours sincerely

Dear Professor,

I am new to abaqus explicit.  i am doing project in metal cutting (milling simulation).  can you help me in doing this.  i hope if you have any tutorial for using johnson cook, damage evalution etc. kindly send me link to my mail id :

kindly help me sir.

thank you

S. Thanga Kasi Rajan

you write to me at

Hi all,

I work on deform 3D.  Orthogonal metal cutting and later simulation. Am working with PhD. If anyone requires help we can speak together. As am also interested to know more from you about Abaqus.

But where can we find the literature Dr.Olivier Pantale. If possible can you send me to my email

Thanks and Regards,



Could you ask what is your computational power to run cutting simualtion with ALE mesh in Abaqus/Explict.

I am currently using core i7 3.2 Ghz and 12 GB ram but it seem not sufficent. do you think this is enough for 3d cutting simulation with Ale meshin in abaqus/Explict.

 Best Regards



One of my MTech student was working in the same area. we felt that it will be easier to solve using our own code . So we did it using matlab fem coding.

I feel it is not a very difficult(???)  work. The time which we are investing in coding is worth , and we get enough room for  customising the code.


Asst. Professor
Mechanical Engineering Department
National Institute of Technology

Dear sir,

my name is m.sivaramakrishnaiah i am doing my project work,

2 dimentional  metal cutting by FEA SIMULATION.







please write about your problem to i will be able to help you with abaqus


i am new in the orthogonal metal cutting

i need help

what is the first step to modeling  the orthogonal metal cutting


i can help you in orthgonal cutting using abaqus. please mail your problem to

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