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A Mixed Mode Phase-Field Model of Ductile Fracture

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We present the first mixed mode phase-field model of ductile fracture. The contribution of crack opening and shearing deformations to the propagation of a crack is expressed by introducing two phase fields. Constitutive relations are then introduced to couple and distinguish these phase fields. Special attention is given to the maximum shear stress and its effect on the development of fractures. The proposed model is validated by tensile testing experiments found in the literature on Al 2024 T-351. Model predictions of the crack path and load-displacement response are compared to a plane-strain tension experiment, a round bar tension experiment and a notched round bar tension experiment. The model is shown to accurately capture the slant and cup-cone crack paths as well as force-displacement curves.

William Huber and Mohsen Asle Zaeem. A mixed mode phase-field model of ductile fracture, Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids 171 (2023) 105123 (18 pages).


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