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ANSYS vs ABAQUS in high frequency wave simulation

Hi all,

 I want to know for guided wave simulation in composite material, ANSYS or ABAQUS will be a better choice? 


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I've done some simulation of stress wave propagation in Hopkinson pressure bars (which are effectively wave guides) in ABAQUS, for homogeneous materials. I good very good correlation with the theoretical solution, and reasonable correlation with experiments. In the experiment I was modelling there were other complications that may have dominated the error rather than the accuracy of the wave modelling. Bear in mind that the higher the frequency you go there will always be a divergence between the "real" solution and the prediction of an explicit numerical scheme - K.J. Bathe's book (Finite Element Procedures in Engineering Analysis) has a good description of this.

I haven't worked with ANSYS, but seeing as it uses the DYNA code, it may have better material models for composites than ABAQUS.  


hi, Govender,

Thanks a lot!!

 I chose ABAQUS finally. For explicit analysis, I use the commond to make the .sel file after the analysis, I want to convert it to .fil file. However, it seems a problem.

I use the commond "abaqus job=<file name> convert=all", but there is no any file produce after that, does anyone know the reason?

Thank you very much

Hi, all


I am studying
Mech. Engineering and I have just started using ANSYS. I am trying to simulate
the lamb wave propagation in a plate. My idea is to create a 2D model and use
transient response. But ANSYS gives me the movement of the bar, mode shapes...but
nothing like wave. Can you help me in this? How can I simulate the problem...


Thank you
in advance...Just remember that I don't have a lot of experience in ANSYS...

Hi all,

I'm trying  to simulate  with ABAQUS a explosion of TNT and the effect of that on a metal panel. The metal panel is 200mm away from explosive. It is about 100g TNT. I now about the subroutine VDLOAD. Which options I could use else in ABAQUS? Is it posible to define a explosion lake this with *EOS? If yes, which element type I should use for explosive set? Should I define a element set for air, if I use *EOS?

 Thank you

Hi all,

I want to learn the steps of the simulation program on the subject of Abacus about (split Hopkinson pressure bar compression)with and without effect temperature .This device gives high strain rate impact where it two long bars between it put the specimen and then strike with short bar. Our data collection system consists of a pair of strain gages midway along each bar. Data is recorded and presented as the initial impulse wave passes the incident bar strain gages, a reflected pulse from when the wave hit the end of the bar and reflected back to the incident bar strain gage and finally a transmitted pulse which is what remains of the wave after it has passed through a sample. In all cases the voltage reading from the strain gages should return to zero once the wave has passed. However with the new bar the signal lingers after the wave has passed a gage.
my version 6.12
Please anyone can help me

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