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MMM10 (2-7 October 2022, Baltimore) Symposium #13: Mechanics and Physics of Material Failure

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Dear Colleagues,
The 10th International Conference on Multiscale Materials Modeling (MMM 10) will be held during 2-7 October 2022 at the Renaissance Harborplace Hotel, in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

We are organizing a symposium on the Mechanics and Physics of Material Failure (Symposium #13).

The symposium serves as a platform to share knowledge gained from experimental, theoretical, and computational aspects of damage evolution in advanced engineering materials over a range of length- and time-scales. Modeling frameworks of interest include: atomistic, mesoscale methods (e.g. discrete-continuum mechanics), and homogenization-based continuum micromechanics including problems in multi-physics environments. We welcome approaches that embed statistical features in failure micromechanics. Of particular interest are talks that provide fundamental insights into the physics of failure processes through state-of-the-art experiments, especially those incorporating multi-physics (e.g. thermo- or chemo-mechanical) coupling, full-field data acquisition, and advanced microscopy.

We invite you to present your work at our symposium. The submission link is (Symposium #13) and the due date for abstract submission is 30 April 2022. We look forward to your participation in this symposium at MMM10.

Symposium Organizers

Coleman Alleman (Sandia),

Amine Benzerga (TAMU),

Curt Bronkhorst (U. Wisconsin),

Laurent Capolungo (LANL),

Martin Diehl (KU Leuven),

Shailendra P. Joshi (UH),

Hojun Lim (Sandia)

Pavana Prabhakar (U. Wisconsin)


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