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Thematic session on 'Multiphysics Problems'

Dear Colleagues,

We are cordially inviting you to submit an abstract to the thematic session on


at the 42nd Solid Mechanics (SOLMECH) conference and 24th International Conference on Computer Methods from September 5th to 8th, 2022 to be held in Swinoujscie, Poland, September 5th-8th, 2022. For further information on the session please find the attached PDF, and/or please visit the conference website

Our session aims to bring together state-of-the-art efforts related to the development of new theoretical concepts and numerical solution techniques for multiphysics problems in applied sciences and engineering. Some topics in this session will include:

·       Theoretical description of the coupling of physico-chemical phenomena with mechanics

·       Numerical treatment of multiphysics problems

·       Experimental validation of coupling concepts and multiphysics simulations

·       Data-driven approaches for accelerating solutions of multiphysics phenomena 

Both fundamental and industry-oriented contributions will be considered. Applications of new theoretical concepts and numerical techniques to the design of multifunctional materials (e.g. nanomaterials and metamaterials), and their corresponding devices (e.g. batteries and fuel cells) will be of particular interest in this session.


Please note that the the deadline for abstract submission is February 18th 2022.


We are looking forward to receiving your abstract and meeting you at the conference. 


Best regards,

Vikram Deshpande (Cambdridge, UK)

Lukasz Figiel (Warwick, UK)

Siegfried Schmauder (Stuttgart, Germany)

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