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Engineering Mechanics 388F: Fracture Mechanics

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Time: Monday and Wednesday 3:00 - 4:30 pm

Place: WRW 312, University of Texas at Austin

Instructor: Rui Huang, WRW 117D, (512) 471-7558,

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    Brief Outline of Topics

    • Linear Elastic Fracture Mechanics (LEFM). Small scale yielding. Stress intensity factors. Energy release rate. Mixed mode fracture. Interface fracture.
    • Application I: fracture in thin films and layered materials. Channel cracks. Interfacial delamination. Buckle-delamination.
    • Fatigue and environmentally assisted cracking
    • Nonlinear fracture mechanics. J integrals. Cohesive zone modeling. Large scale yielding
    • Application II: fracture of Composite materials. Toughening. Matrix cracking. Crack bridging.
    • Introduction to computational fracture mechanics
    • Introduction to dynamic fracture


    • Prerequisite: a graduate course on solid mechanics.
    • No textbook is required. Notes will be posted periodically.


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