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Fatigue-Resistant Soft Materials

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In this episode of Soft Robotics Podcast, the host Marwa Eldiwiny and I discussed our recent Science paper on fatigue-resistant hydrogel and elastomer. We talked about tanglemer, a polymer in which entanglements greatly outnumber crosslinks. We also talked about the background that motivated us, including fabrics, polymer metraix composites, ceramic matrix composites, metals.

De-concentration of stress comes through for us as a unifying principle for fatigue-resistant materials.


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you mentioned polymer "metraix"---a new material?   Roy

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Not sure what you are refering to. Perhaps just "polymer matrix"? I did a seminar on the subjecct. Here is the video of the seminar.

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metraix is a typo. I spend 30 years on polymer matrix composites research. Roy

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