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Hello all!

I am an italian student at the University of Florence....

For my thesis I need to know some coefficient for the female Poisson Ratio,Young Module and Density of uterus, urinary bladder,pelvic bone and rectum.

Someone can help me?Where I can find them?Or someone knows them??

Thank you very much.


I would first look in journal articles, there might be some of the data your looking for in them. Second, if your a student talk to your professor about any contacts he has at a local hospital. A local hospital might allow you to measure or give you the information your asking for. If you look in journal articles first it should show your professor/the hospital that you have done some searching first. Other than those 2 places, i'm not sure where else you can find what you want.


I don't have properties of the pelvi's cancellous bone, neither soft tissue's like uterus and organs.
Taken from: the handbook of biomaterial properties - Jonathan Black and Garth Hastings - Chapman & Hall pages: 3-5.

For mechanical properties of bone see Cowin's Handbook of Bone Mechanics.

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Make sure you do a thorough literature search and read Dr. Margot Damaser's papers for further info.

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