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Mini-Symposium on modeling interfaces at multiple scales

Dear Colleagues,


We are pleased to invite you to the minisymposium ‘Computational Methods for Modeling Stationary and Non-Stationary Interfaces at Multiple Scales’ at the 16th US National Congress on Computational Mechanics ( The conference is scheduled for July 25-July 29 in Chicago, Illinois, USA.


The aim of our minisymposium is to address recent advances in a) computational methods for modeling kinetics of time-dependent interfaces, and b) multiscale aspects of interface modeling. The topics of this minisymposium include, but not limited to, the following:


1. Kinetics of the non-stationary interfaces, such as grain/phase boundaries and transformation fronts that strongly depend on mechanical stress

2. Sharp and diffuse-interface modeling paradigms 

3. Phase-transforming materials, especially materials involving multi-physics processes (e.g. magnetic shape memory alloys) and materials evolving under extreme thermomechanical loads (e.g. grain microstructure evolution)

4. Coevolution of  bulk deformation and interfaces at the atomic and continuum scales, for example, the interaction between grain boundaries and dislocations, bulk and surface diffusion in biomembranes, and graphene-metal interfaces.


More details can be found at


The deadline for submission of abstract is February 5, 2021.


Under the current plan, the USNCCM16 conference will be operating as a hybrid meeting.  Should a situation not allow in-person meeting, the congress will be 100% virtual. 


We look forward to your participation!


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