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NSF: Mechanics of Materials and Structures (MoMS) Program Listserv

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Dear US Academic Researchers,

If you want to get on to the announcement listserv dedicated to the Mechanics of Materials & Structures (MoMS) program at the National Sciecne Foundation, then perform this task:

Send an email to with the message

subscribe MOMS Full_Name

e.g., subscribe MoMS John Smith

Then, follow through with the instructions that will be sent to you. This is a one-way channel, i.e., from the MoMS program directors to the community. We send emails sporadically, when we find it necessary, so there should not be a fear of being spammed. However, there is always that easy option of unsubcsribing. We will not mind. :-)

Each email from the listserv will have the instruction to unsubscribe at the end.



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