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Stress intensity factor from Abaqus

 How we can calculate K1 value from J - integral result from abaqus?. K1 value directly from abaqus is reliable? Because its crack initiation criterion is Max tangential stress, Max energy release rate and KII= 0. Which criterion will give correct results? Its depends on problem we handle. Thats I know. But if no value is available for crack initiation criterion ( Also, I introduce crack initially. So its invalid as crack initiation criterion - As of my understanding) So, K1 value from J integral will give correct results.( I think so).  But how we can get K1 value from that? In fracture mechanics book G=GI+GIIGI= alpha*KI^2/EGII = alpha*KII^2/Ealpha = 1 , plane stressalpha = 1-nu^2, plane strainnu = Poisson's ratioG can take it as J - Integral?If we take so, what will be KII? Also, Critical J-Integral is same as fracture energy of a material?


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