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MDPI- Sustainability : Special Issue "Sustainability of Additive Manufacturing and 3D-printed Parts"

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MDPI- Sustainability:  Special Issue "Sustainability of Additive Manufacturing and 3D-printed Parts"

Submission deadline :30 June 2020


Additive manufacturing (AM), also known as three-dimensional (3D) printing, has been drawing significant interest in recent years. AM has proven its unique and favourable abilities in the fabrication of geometrically complex components. Initially, AM was utilised for prototyping, but currently, it is being used in the rapid manufacturing of final products. Although AM has progressed significantly in recent years, there are several engineering aspects which need further investigations. 3D printing technology can reduce production cost and increase supply chain efficiency. Moreover, it has the potential to become a more sustainable method in comparison to other traditional methods of manufacturing. In this context, various related aspects must be investigated carefully to demonstrate and prove the sustainability of this manufacturing process. More in depth, reduction in waste material and energy consumption, utilising sustainable materials, and environmental effects are examples of the issues that must be considered and properly addressed.

The main focus of this Special Issue will therefore be assessing the different aspects of 3D printing technology in general, along with detailed discussion on the sustainability of its different aspects. In detail, this Special Issue aims at representing novel ideas, recent progresses, and technical details in regard to the structural integrity of 3D-printed components with specific emphasis on sustainability, material selection, design principals, experimental practice, numerical simulation, optimisation, and qualification. Topics for this Special Issue include but are not limited to:

  • Advances in AM processes;
  • Simulation of 3D printing procedures;
  • AM scale up, quality control, and economics;
  • Clean manufacturing via 3D printing technology;
  • Standards and qualification of 3D-printed components;
  • Mechanical tests and simulation of 3D-printed components.


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