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Mini-symposium "3D Micro/Nano-Architectures Based On Low-Dimensional Materials" SES 2020 at Minneapolis

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We are excited by organizing a mini-symposium on 3D Micro/Nano-Architectures Based On Low-Dimensional Materials at the coming Society of Engineering Science (SES) 57th Annual Technical Meeting. More details about the mini-symposium are given below. We are posting this announcement to welcome submitting relevant abstracts to our mini-symposium.The submission is now open and more information on abstract submissions can be found on 2020 SES website with a submission deadline of March 17, 2020. Thank you for your contribution and I am looking forward to seeing you at 2020 SES at Minneapolis.
Again, during submission, you can find our mini-symposium within Track 7. Soft, Active Materials and Applications in Soft Robotics. Let us know directly if you have any difficulty in submission.
Introduction to this mini-symposium: Low-dimensional materials have been at the forefront of materials research in recent years, and widely used in the fabrication of functional devices due to their excellent electrical and optical properties, as well as their atomically well-defined nanostructures and reliable mechanics. Most studies utilize the materials in their original planar or fiber form, which do not take full advantage of the ultrahigh in-plane strength, lightweight and superior bending flexibility of those materials. An emerging direction in materials research is to identify a reliable way to transform the low-dimensional sheets/tubes/dots, produced from chemical growth, into well-defined 3D micro/nano-architectures, which provide an ideal platform for many applications including metamaterials with advanced mechanics, bioelectronics, biosensing, and energy storage. This mini-symposium will collect cutting-edge research and discuss ways to model, design, fabricate and control 3D micro/nano-structures based on low-dimensional building blocks.
Best wishes,
Zhao Qin and Weinan Xu
Weinan Xu, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Polymer Engineering, University of Akron
Phone: 330-972-6675
Zhao Qin, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
151L Link Hall
Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY. 13244
Phone: 315-443-1038

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