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Call for abstracts: Symposium on 3D/4D printing and advanced manufacturing of materials and structures in 2020 SES Meeting

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Dear colleagues:

We would like to invite you to submit an abstract to the symposium on “3D/4D printing and advanced manufacturing of materials and structures” at the 2020 Society of Engineering Science meeting to be held from September 28 to September 30 at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, MN, USA.

Our symposium calls for abstracts from research efforts related to i) materials and structures with novel mechanical properties/functionalities realized via 3D printing and advanced manufacturing techniques, and ii) design of innovative printing systems and printable biomaterials for the various biomedical applications. We invite presentations on fundamental studies of 3D printing and advanced manufacturing, including both computational and experimental, leading to new material properties and geometries. Computational and analytical challenges in simulating the mechanical response and failure of materials with specific manufacturing signature will also be a focus. Specific topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Emerging 3D/4D printing and other advanced manufacturing techniques, such as micromachining
  • Applications of new sensor technologies, artificial intelligence, and machine learning in 3D printing and advanced manufacturing for assessing component quality and process optimization
  • 3D printed materials and composites with novel properties and multi-functionalities, such as self-healing, reprocessing and recycling, unique acoustic properties, negative Poisson’s ratio, negative stiffness
  • 3D/4D printed active materials and composites with programmable deformation or/and active modulation of physical properties
  • Design theory or methodology, constitutive modeling, and computational simulation for 3D/4D printed materials and structures
  • Mechanical response, micromechanics, instabilities, and fracture of materials and structures fabricated by 3D printing and advanced manufacturing
  • 3D/4D printing for tissue and organ regeneration
  • Design and applications of advanced printable biomaterials
  • Simulation of material, cell-material interaction or 3D tissue constructs
  • 3D/4D printed tissue and organ models
  • 3D/4D printing for health

To submit an abstract, please

1. Go to:

2. Select Track 10 (Metamaterials, Architected Solids, and Manufacturing)

3. Select Symposium 10.1 (3D/4D Printing and Advanced Manufacturing of Materials and Structures)

The deadline for abstract submission is March 17, 2020

We look forward to receiving your contributions and seeing you in Minneapolis.

Symposium Chairs:

Kai Yu (University of Colorado Denver), Satish Bukkapatnam (Texas A&M University), Sung Hoon Kang (Johns Hopkins University), Dimitris C. Lagoudas (Texas A&M University), Howon Lee (Rutgers University), Nikolaos Michailidis (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki), Jordan R. Raney (University of Pennsylvania), Qiming Wang (University of Southern California), Lijie Grace Zhang (The George Washington University)

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