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EMI2020: Mini-symposium and new Technical Committee on Architected Materials

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Please consider submitting an abstract to MS-215 Architected Materials for the upcoming EMI/PMC conference which will take place between May 26-29 in New York City, NY. The deadline for abstract submission is January 15.

We are also excited to announce that during the conference we will have our first meeting of the newly established EMI Technical Committee on Architected Materials.

This symposium will discuss the latest advances in the field including, but not limited to, the following areas:•    Advanced synthesis techniques for architected materials
•    Design algorithms (e.g., parametric optimization, topology optimization)
•    Modeling (e.g., stochastic modeling, multiscale modeling)
•    Metamaterials (seismic, acoustic, mechanical, thermal)
•    Origami and kirigami engineering
•    Nonlinear mechanics and failure of architected materials
•    Bioinspired and hierarchical materials


Alireza Asadpoure, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Evgueni Filipov, University of Michigan
Stavros Gaitanaros, Johns Hopkins University
James Guest, Johns Hopkins University
Mazdak Tootkaboni, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Lorenzo Valdevit, University of California, Irvine
Pablo Zavattieri, Purdue University





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