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Error using Neo-hookean in abaqus

Hi everyone,

I am trying to solve a problem of twisting a hyperelastic material(compressible neo-hookean) in abaqus. 

The problem has been taken from 10.12.5 TWISTING COLUMN in the textbook NONLINEAR SOLID MECHANICS FOR FINITE ELEMENT ANALYSIS: STATICS (Javier Bonet,Antonio J. Gil,Richard D.Wood).

Lamda and mu are given as 100 each, so I have calculated the Neo-hookean coefficients for abaqus which came out to be C10=50 and D1=0.012

I am using abaqus static-general with time steps of 

*Step, name=Step-1, nlgeom=YES, inc=10000


0.05, 1., 1e-50, 1. and a load of pressure=5 units.

Every time I run the analysis the error comes out to be "Too many attempts made for this increment"

Can anybody go through this problem and let me know where I am doing wrong.?

Is it in the calculation of neo-hookean coefficients or the abaqus analysis.?


Thanks in advance,

Jaswanth Kumar.


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Abaqus Standard has by default an upper limit of 100 increments per step.

Set the parameter INC to the command STEP.

Good luck



Hello sir,


Thank you for the comment.

As I can see I have already set the increments to 10000.

I didn't understand what do you mean by "set the parameter INC to command STEP", if you don't mind, can you elaborate that.?


Thanks & Regards,

Jaswanth Kumar.


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