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Education in Mechanics - Call for papers

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Call for Papers on Education in Mechanics

22nd International Congress on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (ICTAM 2008)

Adelaide, Australia, August 24 – 30, 2008

Web page: 

This is an open call for papers to be presented at ICTAM 2008 in the Pre-nominated Session FSM08 Education in Mechanics.  Papers on all aspects related to Education in Mechanics are solicited.  Presentations will be 20 minutes in length.  Abstracts should be prepared and submitted following the instructions on the Congress web site under the heading Paper submission now open.  It is also desirable that copies be sent to both session co-chairs.  

Session Co-Chairs:                    

  Dr. Igle Gledhill,    CSIR, South Africa,   (                       

 Prof. Carl T. Herakovich,    University of Virginia, USA,  (

Speakers Who Have Agreed to Present: 

Diane J. Grayson, Professor Extraodinarius, Department of Physics, University of Pretoria and Andromeda Science Education, South Africa.   Tentative title "Teaching Mechanics in Southern Africa: direct experience in capacity building".  L.

Glenn Kraige, Professor of Engineering Science & Mechanics, Virginia Tech, USATentative title: "Pedagogical Issues Associated with an Undergraduate Program inEngineering Science and Mechanics, Including Considerations of Large Sections and  Instructional Software".  

Richard P. McNitt, Department Head Emeritus and Professor Emeritus, Engineering Science & Mechanics Department, Penn State University, USA.  Tentative title: "Class Participation Experiments in Mechanics : two-force members". 


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