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Open positions at UNFoLD in 2018 at EPFL (Switzerland)

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Open positions at UNFoLD in 2018, the group of Professor Karen Mulleners at EPFL (Switzerland):

The unsteady flow diagnostics laboratory (UNFoLD) at the Swiss federal institute of technology of Lausanne (EPFL) invites applications by highly motivated candidates for doctoral and post-doctoral positions in the field of unsteady aerodynamics

UNFoLD focusses on the investigation of unsteady flow phenomena by combining high spatially and temporally resolved flow field measurements with - what we refer to as - a fluid dynamical differential diagnosis. We develop methodologies to help bridge the gap between our observations and understanding of the development and interaction of characteristic flow structures (e.g. vortices) and technically relevant quantities, such as aerodynamic forces or power output, with applications in biological and bio-inspired flight, wind turbine rotor blade aerodynamics, etc.

For 2018 we are seeking:

• 1 postdoctoral researcher with a strong experimental profile. Candidates should hold a PhD in the field of experimental fluid mechanics. The intended duration of the offered position is 2 years and the envisaged starting date is June 2018.

• 3 doctoral candidates with a strong experimental profile and a solid background in fluid mechanics to join in autumn 2018. Candidates should hold a master’s degree in physics, aeronautical or mechanical engineering.

For more information about the available positions and how to apply send an email to Professor Karen Mulleners or check

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