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Validation of Numerical (INCS) method for Elastic wave case

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Dear mechanician,

I am a Ph.D. in TU-Delft, working on modeling of Nonlinear Elastodynamic waves. I have finished the 1-D numerical model of the Nonlinear Elastic equation using INCS (Iterative Nonlinear Contrast Source) method. Now, I am working on the validation of the numerical method. Firstly, we are doing some experimental verifications to validate my numerical results. In parallel, I am aware (and told) that I can also validate my numerical method using a benchmark solution (analytical solution), i.e. Burger's equation. But I never worked on the Burger's equation before and when I have gone through it on Internet, it was pretty much confusing to me because Burger's equation is available for the Fluid mechanics and comparing it with the nonlinear Elastic equation is unclear to me. 

Do anyone worked on the Burger's equation before? Or any references would be helpful. Also, if you have any other suggestions in regard to validation using other methods would be much appreciable. Kindly looking forward to your help.

Have a nice day, good luck.

Best regards,



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