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Stephen Timoshenko Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellowship at Stanford University

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The Mechanics and Computation Group (Department of Mechanical Engineering) at Stanford University is seeking applicants for the “Stephen Timoshenko Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellowship.” This appointment is for a term of two years, beginning in September 2018.

The Stephen Timoshenko Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellow will be given the opportunity to pursue independent research in the general area of solid mechanics, as well as to contribute to ongoing research in the Mechanics and Computation Group. Research activities should be in the field of solid mechanics interpreted broadly, including areas such as additive manufacturing, micro- and nano-mechanics, bio-mechanics, and related research directions such as applications of machine learning. Candidates will be given opportunities to develop their teaching experience by designing and teaching a class in the mechanics curriculum. This position might be of particular interest to candidates who are seeking an academic career.

Candidates are expected to show outstanding promise in research, as well as strong interest and ability in teaching. They must have received a Ph.D. prior to the start of the appointment, but not before 2016. Applicants should send a cover letter (one page); a curriculum vitae; a list of publications; brief statements of proposed research (up to three pages) and teaching (one page); the names and contact information of three recommendation letter writers. For full consideration, applications must be completed no later than 11PM PST, Sunday March 4, 2018. However, applications will continue to be accepted until the position is filled. 

Stanford is an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law. Stanford also welcomes applications from others who would bring additional dimensions to the University’s research and teaching missions.

Please send your application by email to:
Norma Costello,, 650 723-4133
Email subject: Stephen Timoshenko Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellow search
All documents attached to the email should be PDF (Portable Document Format).

For updates see (which will be available in early Jan 2018).


"They must have received a Ph.D. prior to the start of the appointment, but not before 2016."

It reduces the Scholarship to mere very young PhD graduates, and that too, mostly, from areas such as bio-mechanics (esp. if the applications are received from candidates who have declared themselves to be females---Stanford is in California, which is in America (i.e. USA), remember?).

On either count, may be, someone (really talented on either count) from China/USA fills the slot???

But what better can you at all expect from Stanford, anyway?

They [the SF Bay Area People] just repeat someone else's work but in more respectable terms, or, they are found to be [very] busy passing off lesser-than-original work as if it were of the very first rate kind.

Fits both the biggies in the area: the "Junior," and, of course, not to mention it, the "Senior" (viz. the Berkeley), of course!

That's my honest impression. And, as they are wont to say it in California: "Your mileage may vary."

Sincerely, and with very best wishes, whether of or off of seasons, (even also to SF Bay Areans),



Hi all,

Sorry about the above comment.

When I began writing it, it was meant to be something like a piece of random slapstick or dark humour sort of a thingie. But a poor writer that I am, it didn't turn out that way---at all. In any case, it doesn't convey my positions or sentiments right. If anything, it actually generates a contrary impression. ... Worse, I wrote this sort of a thing in connection with the tall personality of mechanics, viz., Prof. Timoshenko.

If possible, I would request the administrators to delete both the above and this comment. If not, may the reader note that it (really) was what turned out to be a decidedly failed attempt at creating humour, and that I apologize if I hurt anyone's sentiments. The reader may, accordingly, forgive me.

Sheepishly (and sincerely),



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