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Two new PhD positions in bioinspired architectured materials and structures, McGill University

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We have new openings for two PhD students –fully funded - in the Laboratory of Advanced Materials and Bioinspiration at McGill University, starting Fall 2018 (Application deadline: 01/15/2018)

Our research group is currently exploring new material architectures that expand the properties and functionalities of traditional engineering materials. We are particularly interested in fully dense architectured materials made of hard and stiff building blocks joined by weaker and more deformable interfaces. These interfaces can deflect and guide cracks into toughening configurations, or channel large nonlinear deformations. These general principles lead to building blocks which can slide, rotate, separate or interlock collectively, providing a wealth of tunable mechanisms, precise structural properties and functionalities. 

PhD position 1: Development of new architectures with glass and polymers for transparent armor. 

PhD position 2: Development of bioinspired morphing structures based on stiff structural elements. 

These projects involve micromechanics, fracture mechanics, finite elements, design optimization, in-situ mechanical testing and impact/ballistic testing. Fabrication involves 3D printing, three-dimensional laser engraving and other innovative fabrication methods. 

Required: Master degree in Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science, Civil Engineering or equivalent.

Preferred background: Mechanics of materials, fracture mechanics, experimental mechanics, finite elements.






Hi Dear Barthelat,

My application is complete (including reference letters and etc.). 

Please, if you have time, take a look at my application.

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