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From flat sheets to curved geometries: Origami and kirigami approaches

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Our recent review paper on how origami and kirigami techniques that could be used to create curved geometries has been just publised online. It is available as an open access article, which is why I am posting it here. We have also included some beautiful photos of our hand-folded origami and kirigami. 

Callens, SJP, Zadpoor, AA, 2017, “From flat sheets to curved geometries: origami and kirigami approaches”, Materials Today, in press.

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Great review!  I'd like to point out that some of these ideas are also relevant to shape analysis of objects that don't have continuous surface normals (e.g., triangulated surfaces).

Have any companies taken these ideas to product stage?  If not, what are the main obstacles to commercialization?

-- Biswajit

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