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Post Doctoral Fellow (Multi-Scale Modeling of Additive Manufacturing) Singapore University of Technology and Design

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High quality metal and polymer additive manufacturing (AM) requires a good knowledge of how the material and process parameters will have an impact on the microstructure of the material and how this microstructure in turn influences the mechanical property of the fabricated structure. Given the inherent variations and randomness in the process and considering the multiple scales of simulations that would be needed from the micro to macro level, it is necessary to use uncertainty quantification (UQ) techniques along with simulation tools such as finite element modeling, phase field modeling and Kinetic Monte Carlo simulations to be able to "predict" the distribution of the mechanical properties (modules, tensile strength etc…) given a certain combination of process and material parameters. Taking this a step ahead, it would be ideally preferable to do "uncertainty management (UM)", wherein for a desired distribution of the mechanical properties, one tries to find out the right values for the process and material parameters to provide as input to a selected AM process.

The key here is to fully understand the process – structure – property relationships for metal and polymer based additive manufacturing using multiple simulation tools that can be linked to each other at different length and time scales. We intend to recruit a post-doctoral fellow / research scientist with expertise in modeling and simulation for additive manufacturing, who is willing and passionate to use multiple simulation methods and integrate all of them together under a proposed CAD framework in the future.

Suitable candidates, with Ph.D. from a good university, with demonstrated expertise in the field of modeling and simulation for additive manufacturing will be considered. Please send in your CV and relevant publications to Asst. Prof. Nagarajan Raghavan by e-mail at with a subject title – "Post-Doc Application – Multi-Scale Simulations for AM".

This position is fixed-term for a period of 24 months, with an option for extension later. Singapore is one of the few developed countries with a very low income tax and, typically, a Postdoctoral Fellow pays an income tax of 11.5% (up to a maximum of 15%). The project is funded by the SUTD Digital Manufacturing and Design (DManD) Center and will involve active research collaboration with other faculty within the university.

About SUTD ( – The Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) is the 4th University in Singapore, founded in collaboration with MIT in 2009. SUTD aims to become the center and stronghold of global research and breakthroughs through creative technical research and education anchored in design within a multi-disciplinary approach.


  • EEO/AA Policy

    Singapore University of Technology and Design is established in collaboration with MIT with a focus on Design, through an integrated multidisciplinary curriculum and multidisciplinary research. SUTD is an equal opportunity employer that actively seeks diversity in the workforce.

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